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Price Calculator

Number of Songs
Choose the number of songs of your production up to 5 minutes
Songs over 5 minutes = 2 Songs

Average number of Audio Tracks per song
Choose the average number of tracks per song ( Mono or Stereo )
If there is a wide difference from song to song, please
contact us

Discount for Indie Bands
20 % Discount for Artists / Bands without a commercial Label / Record Deal

Analog Mixing : MCI console + outboard gear
In The Box : Digital Mix in Pro Tools 12 HD

With every Mix there is a " mastered " version of your songs
( Stereo Width, EQ, Loudness Optimisation )
If not needed , please choose " no Mastering, Mix files only "

DDP Master Image
Check this , if you want a " record-plant ready " version
of your mastered Tracks
Incl. Track order, Crossfades between tracks, CD Text
ISRC / Label Codes + Metatags

If you live outside of the EU, there is no Tax to pay

If you live inside of the EU ( outside of Germany )
and can provide an EU VAT number
there is also no VAT/TAX added to your invoice

If you live in Germany / inside of the EU,
we have to add 19% German VAT

File Preparation
File formats : Wave / AIFF files
44,1 khz - 96 khz
16 bit - 24 bit
or Pro Tools sessions

All Editing such as
Drum Editing / Beat Detective, Drum Sample Replacement,
Vocals Tuning
must be done
BEFORE you send your files !!! **

Make sure that :
All your files start at the beginning of the session

Make proper crossfades between every audio region on a track
and consolidate the track to a single file

NOT "Normalize" the tracks and check for clipping

Remove all Plug Ins before exporting !
No EQ, no Compression, Automation etc.

( with the exception of Amp Simulators / Drum Replacers ! )
Please print these Plug Ins into the tracks before exporting

If you use a very special FX / Plug In chain on a track ,
print it to an additional track
and name it for example: " Lead_Guitar_ with _FX "

Convert Midi tracks ( Synths etc. ) to Audio Tracks

Name your files !
for example:


NOT : Audio01_take04_edit_kick_norm007

File Transfer
We will send you upload links to our server for your project

If you decided to mix at the Desert Inn Studio
please contact us to discuss your project, date, etc.

There are 2 free revisions with every Mix
Due to the fact this is analog
and perfect recalls weeks later are impossible,
these revisions must be made within the next 3 days
after you received the first Mix

During that time the console / setup
is reserved for your production only !

" In The Box " Mixing : incl. 2 Revisions ( within a week )

Further revisions are billed 25 € + VAT per hour

You will receive high quality MP3s during the mix process

When your production is done,
pay your invoice with Pay Pal or Bank Transfer
After that we´ll send you the original WAVE / DDP files !

Any questions?

Feel free to
contact us !


* to subtract VAT inside of the EU
We need the EU VAT Number and full address
of your Company / Label

** Re-Amping, Drum Editing,
Drum Sample Replacement , Vocal Tuning etc.
can be done at extra cost ! ... please
contact us before mixing